The Glengoyne Way

While I hunt for the perfect a graduate job, I’m working part time at a beautiful country house hotel near my house. For those of you that don’t know, I live somewhere rather pretty (when the heavens haven’t opened).


Don’t worry guys, there’s some weather coming in from the right. And on reflection, the left too. Essentially though, I’m pretty lucky to be sitting in my living room looking out upon the loch. And with work just around the corner, we get quite a lot of holiday-makers looking to sample Scottish life. Since Scottish life can be summed up with a walk in the rain and a wee dram by the fire, there’s a pretty high demand for whiskey. Luckily for me, this translated to a trip to a local distillery to sample products!


Our tour started at 11am, so we arrived (in the rain) at about 10:30. Too early for tasting whiskey? Don’t be silly! We were greeted by eight wee drams of Glengoyne 10yr old whiskey. There were four of us.


Don’t mind if I don’t at this time of the morning, thank you very much. I actually don’t particularly like whiskey, but funnily enough, the more I tried, the more I liked it. That could be because we worked our way up the ages, or it could be that there were just so many samples. Don’t worry, I was not the designated driver.


We spent most of the day in this gorgeous tasting room, but we also got to see the production process and warehouses! Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any photos of the whiskey production, but one thing that came through loud and clear is the length of the process. Glengoyne prides itself on a slow production process, proving that slow and steady really does win the race.


In fact, their watermark sums this up pretty succinctly; The Glengoyne Way – Unhurried – All in good time. This is a bottle of the 15yr whiskey, which was my favourite!


The tasting was so extensive that we even got to try the different sherries that season the barrels. That is how this 23-year-old has a favourite sherry. Twenty-three going on eighty-four, that’s me. If you haven’t tried Pedro Ximenez sherry, it’s thick like syrup and tastes of christmas pudding. You can buy it at Marks and Spencers! I may have picked up a bottle last time I was passing…


After the sherry, we tried more whiskey, of course. It was an absolutely wonderful day out, and while the tour we did is a little different from the tours you can pay to go on (I think!), they have some great days out. Just have a quick look at their website for more information. With prices starting at £8.50 per person, why not?!


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