Who needs the gym, with mussels like these?

On our last night in Sochi we decided to stop by a restaurant on the harbour-side and treat ourselves to some rather tasty seafood. The mussels were calling our names, and we were too famished to resist their luring words!

We went to this rather splendid place:


The restaurant was called “Brigantina” and it boasted a very nice view indeed!

While waiting for the meal to arrive, I spotted this cheeky little boat, begging me to buy it.


Luckily the owner wasn’t interested in IOU’s!

We started our meal with soups. Ellie and I went for the French Onion, whereas Kate went for a fish soup. By all accounts, the fish soup was excellent – I didn’t get a chance to take a photo! The French Onion was also delicious, with a cheesy surprise at the bottom of the adorable little soup bowl!


Mmm. Fighting the urge to lean in and smell the screen!


Ellie and Kate also partook in a pizza, which looked delicious! Really good value for the pizza also. There were certainly no complaints!

The main event was of course the mussels. We ordered two pots between the three of us and it was more than sufficient. We ended up feeling rather stuffed, actually! Three very happy девочки!

ImageThe first was classic White Wine sauce. Absolutely scrumptious with lots of lovely soft onions. Not a meal for a date, but excellent for three peckish girls fresh off a boat!


The other was a garlic sauce. The muscles were covered in a thick, creamy, garlicy sauce that I, unashamedly, mopped up with the remainder of the bread. And then I drank it with a spoon.

I’m a brit abroad. It’s my job to bring the level of class down a few notches!



So many mussels. So much food. It was glorious, sitting outside on the harbour watching the world go by. We knew we were off to get on a train for roughly 20 hours after this meal, and boy did we make the most of our last few hours of freedom!

If you ever find yourself in Sochi (don’t we all wind up in remote Russian towns every now and again?) make sure you take a minute to eat here! Highly recommended.

And with that, our trip ended.

So long Sochi!



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