Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

WordPress does this wonderful thing whereby it tells you something you could write about each day. This topic of course piqued my interest. It’s all about how to avoid wasted days and wasted nights when you have deadlines. I’ll tell you now that I know absolutely nothing about this topic.

Panicking doesn’t even begin to cover it when I think about my Year Abroad essays. I stupidly picked a topic that was interesting but relatively unknown to me. I have yet to make any serious headway. Instead I’m going to tell you all exactly how to make sure you maximise the amount of wasted days and wasted nights with a looming deadline.

If in doubt, make a list. Writing a to-do list almost counts as actually doing what you have written down. Almost.
Note: This method only works for serious things, like essays, vocab learning or keeping on top of your finances. Needing to buy new shoes or go sightseeing are things you will actually have to complete, obviously. Make sure you learn the difference and you will see a notable decrease in stress levels. Extra points for adding things you’ve already done just to feel the satisfaction. We all need a pick me up from time to time.

Try to take on as many new things at once. For example, if you have decided you are going to have a productive working week, make sure you combine this with cutting down on alcohol and dieting. We all know that things work best in threes. Don’t do things by halves, go all in… Feel free to add as many cliches as you need until you have been convinced of this.

It’s stressful thinking about all those things you have to do. If you’ve tried writing it down on a nice new to-do list and you’re still feeling like you should actually start something, try cooking something new. This is the perfect time to make that new dish you’ve been oggling. After all, you deserve it – you’ve done some pretty strenuous planning. (Not to be confused with actual planning; make sure that at this stage you have not yet put a pen to paper. Seeing how little you have on the page will only stress you further.)

Everyone knows it’s impossible to work in a negative environment. If anyone dares hint that you should have started by now, it’s best to cut them out of your life. Negativity breeds more negativity. When you do finally decide to sit down and write, you’re going to need all the positivity you can find. Anyone that does not support your decision to procrastinate better ready yourself for serious work doesn’t deserve to be there when you do finally write the most groundbreaking piece of academic genius of our time.

Speaking of negative environments, it’s equally important to make sure you’re room is in tip top shape for working. If it has been more than about a week (if it’s been less, feel free to change that figure. This is a bit like the 5 second rule – it’s very adaptable to your circumstances) since you last rearranged all your furniture, the stagnant feel of your room is probably cramping your working spirit. Best spend a few days planning exactly how to rearrange and then at least a day actually moving the furniture. Repeat until you get it just right.
Note: Usually this ends up looking suspiciously familiar… Don’t compare the end result to what you started with.

When was the last time you defrosted your freezer? Need I say more? A disorganised home is a sign of a disorganised mind. Or something along those lines. Make sure you add this to the to-do list before you do it in order to reap maximum de-stressing from the process.

If all else fails, find the blog you’ve been meaning to update for the last six months and do as much as you can in two days. After all, writing is writing, right?

Remember: Keep Calm and Procrastinate



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