So Tuesday is the big day. The day I venture off into Russia on my own. I’m really nervous, not helped by teary goodbyes today with more on the horizon.
Rather than dwell on how much I am dreading this I thought it might help me to get down what I actually need to do.

To do:
– print off travel insurance details
– post various things to various places
– scan my passport and visa and print
– find my diploma (scan and print, remembering to pack the original)
– find my 2013 diary
– pack jewellery into original bags and give to my mother for safe-keeping
– look up useful airport words in russian and print mini vocab list
– look up “meeting” phrases for when I meet my home stay and print
– put my pen in my travel wallet
– check I have chargers for everything electrical
– find some adapters

I don’t have a whole lot of people reading this, I know, but I have a question:
Have you ever been to Russia? Do you have any words of advice for me?


4 thoughts on “Packing!

  1. ouiseee says:

    Where are you heading to in Russia? Have you been before? I’ll be going to St Petersburg again early next year for my year abroad (all being well) and I’m looking forward to it. The two weeks I spent there last summer were lovely, and really not as scary as they could have been. Good luck! I’m sure you will love it!

    • roamtheroads says:

      I’m going to Moscow for a month and then down to Volgograd for about ten months. Where are you headed? The scariest part of the experience, to me, is definitely the fact that a year currently feels like an infinite amount of time! Good luck on your year abroad!

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