& I haven’t even left yet…



In my last post I mainly focussed on the fact that I am not entirely looking forward to my slavic adventure. That in part is true. However, there are many things I am really excited about. For one, I will be teaching English which is something I have wanted to try for a while! As someone so clearly infected with the travelling bug, I have always wanted to up sticks and do something like this. I’m also really looking forward to speaking the language. Two years of studying it has left me with the feeling that I’m constantly playing catch up. I never know the right vocabulary for the week, the grammar eludes me and I can’t seem to formulate sentences without using the word “interesting” at least three times.
Most of all I am looking forward to trying all the Russian food!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s a list of everything I still need to do:

– Visa. That’s a pretty big one. I hear they are big on that whole “legal immigration” thing.
– Travel insurance. It’d be downright irresponsible for someone as accident prone as I am to ignore this one!
– Flights! The integral nature of this part of the plan is self explanatory.
– Shopping for work clothes. This part could prove to be less taxing than the others!

Since none of these are optional, I won’t end by saying “Hopefully I can get all of this done in a fortnight!” but rather “Here’s to cramming all this into the next two weeks.”

So I doubt this is being read, as a travel blog that so far has not left English soil… However if anyone does by chance stumble upon this post – Do you have any tips? Anything you’ve found you couldn’t live without whilst abroad? Maybe you’ve taught English in a foreign country and have some useful tips? I’d love any input!!


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